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An auto technician performing work on the brakes of a vehicle at GLP Automotive in Lake Geneva, WI

Brake Service and Brake Repair in Lake Geneva, WI

Are you looking for brake service and repair in the Lake Geneva, WI area? If so, the mechanic at GLP Automotive offers the best brake service and repair! Since we opened our doors back in 2010, we have been the leading independent brake service and repair facility in the area. We offer affordable repairs for brakes, world-class customer service, and transparency at every step. We invite you to experience a different kind of auto repair at GLP Automotive.

Comprehensive Repair Solutions for Brakes

While your brakes are designed to wear out, most people never think about scheduling brake service and repair until it’s too late. No matter the problem with your brakes, every service starts with a holistic brake assessment and inspection. During the evaluation, our mechanic will analyze each component of your brakes to understand wear and tear and functionality.

Then, we will correctly identify any issues impacting your brake system and provide a detailed estimate of the necessary work. For the most part, brake pad replacement is the most common automotive repair service for brakes. Your brake pads are tasked with rubbing on the brake disk to stop your vehicle, so the first part of our assessment is usually in this area. However, your brake service and repair may also include:

  • Brake master cylinder replacement
  • Brake fluid exchange
  • Brake hose replacement
  • Brake drums and brake rotors resurfacing
  • Replacement of calipers on your brakes
  • Brake caliper and rotor realignment
  • Replacement of other components based on inspection finding
  • Lubrication of specific elements of your brakes
  • Worn brake shoes replacement
  • Wheel bearings repacked

Regardless of the problem, the auto repair technicians at GLP Automotive offer comprehensive brake service and repair solutions for virtually all makes and models of vehicles.

Brake Pad Replacement in Lake Geneva, WI

One of the most common brake service and repair types is the replacement of your brake pads. Every time you press the brake pedal, your brake pads must generate massive amounts of friction as well as heat. The brake rotors disperse this heat throughout your vehicle to prevent your brakes from overheating.

Both of these components are critical to the proper performance of your braking system. And both of these components require proper inspection and service to perform adequately. At GLP Automotive, we offer state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to properly service, repair, and replace your brake pads and rotors as needed or suggested by the manufacturer.

How Do I Know My Brakes Need Service and Repair?

Your vehicle is smart. It’s so intelligent that it may offer you tell-tale signs when it needs brake service and repair in Lake Geneva, WI. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you should reach out to the techs at GLP Automotive for an inspection of your brakes.

  1. When you press the brakes, do you hear a squealing noise? This could be your brake pad “wear indicators” telling you they need brake service and repair.
  2. Do you hear a clicking noise when you press the brake pedal? The pads on your brakes shouldn’t wobble around. If they are loosened and start wobbling, you will hear a clicking noise. You should reach out to the mechanic at GLP Automotive immediately for brake service and repair.
  3. Does it take you longer to stop? When your vehicle takes longer to stop, it’s an obvious sign you should reach out to the mechanic at GLP Automotive in Lake Geneva, WI, for brake service and repair.
  4. Does the nose of your vehicle pull to one side when you brake? Your brake pads will hardly ever wear at the same rate. If one side gets thinner faster than the other, your vehicle may pull slightly to one side or the other.
  5. Are your brake pedals vibrating when you attempt to stop? If your pedal vibrates when you press it, it could be due to an issue called “glazing.” In either case, you shouldn’t glaze over this.

Contact GLP Automotive Today for Brake Service and Repair in Lake Geneva, WI

Don’t let a minor brake repair issue today turn into an exponentially more expensive problem. Fortunately, our technicians at GLP Automotive offer a host of brake repair and service solutions to remedy any problem with your brakes.

Contact GLP Automotive today for brake repair and service in Lake Geneva, WI.