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Oil Change & Fluid Services in Lake Geneva, WI

Just as humans rely on blood, your vehicle depends on oil to perform. However, any old oil will not do. It’s imperative to protect your car and wallet with regular oil changes and preventative maintenance. Fortunately, the technicians at GLP Automotive can help. As the leading auto repair and maintenance facility in Lake Geneva, WI, we offer expert oil changes and fluid exchange services for virtually all makes and models of vehicles. Some of the most common fluid services we offer include:

  • Transmission fluid exchange service
  • Brake fluid exchange
  • Power steering fluid exchange
  • Radiator/coolant flush services
  • Brake line bleeding
  • And more


Let’s take a closer look at oil changes.

Why Are Oil Changes Important?

Oil changes are significant. The oil in your vehicle is tasked with several key responsibilities:

  • Lubricates and separates pistons, valves, and other parts of the engine,
  • Reduces engine wear,
  • Cleans by circulating dirt and pollutants out of the engine and through the filter,
  • Prevents dangerous deposits from the inside of your engine,
  • Cools parts of your engine,
  • Helps maintain engine performance and fuel efficiency,
  • Protects your engine across a range of temperatures,
  • And more

Engine oil is loaded with critical nutrients and additives to perform these many jobs and responsibilities. Over time, however, these vital nutrients are stripped from oil, and it loses performance. Because of this, it’s imperative to have regular oil changes in Lake Geneva, WI, at GLP Automotive. As the manufacturer suggests, failing to have frequent oil changes can lead to a host of expensive repair problems — even engine replacement.

What Is an Oil Change?

During an oil change, our auto repair technicians at GLP Automotive will do more than simply pour new oil into your engine. Instead, we will carefully remove your gunky, old oil and replace it with fresh, nutrient-rich oil based on your vehicle’s needs. At GLP Automotive, our techs utilize all types of oils based on the specifications of the manufacturer:

  • Full synthetic motor oil
  • Synthetic blend motor oil
  • Conventional motor oil
  • High mileage motor oil


In addition to changing the oil in your vehicle, our technicians will replace and recycle your old oil filter. The filter is tasked with removing contaminants from your engine oil that accumulates over time as the oil keeps your engine clean.

Can't I Simply Top Off My Vehicle with Oil?

If your vehicle is burning oil and you add new motor oil to bring it back up to normal levels, the sludgy, old, dirty oil doesn’t just disappear. Instead, you’re simply mixing the old with the new. Contrary to what you may believe, this can put extra stress on the new oil and prevent it from adequately performing the many functions it’s required to do. If you are low on oil and in an emergency, topping it off is a temporary fix. However, it doesn’t replace the need for a complete oil change at GLP Automotive in Lake Geneva, WI.

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